Artist statement



Once the Covid pandemic commenced and many people had to stay homes, I remembered how I used to wake up, commute to my work, and carry out my daily tasks with little passion and almost zero motivation. I could barely move myself to get my clothes on and run to catch the train. There was no breath left. Didn’t we all act like robots?
Looking back, I have realized now that I wasn't aware of what I was doing. The moment I was really awake, I felt as if I have been given a second chance, and I should jump at it. I decided to get out of the tiring rat race and start off my real journey in life.
It opened my eyes, my heart, and my senses and brought back the moment that showed a true window of passion for me, years ago. I was 9 years old. My mom received the message that her son had won the first prize for the Kanagawa Children’s Biennial Art Competition (1995). This moment sowed the seeds of my unfolding passion for art.
Encouraging me to create and participate locally and globally with my artwork. I rearranged our basement and created space to make art and talk about this process online, started a new Instagram account, and dedicated my time to becoming an artist again. Living my life in touch with my inner mission.


A little more about me?

E.Omaro (1986) I'm an Abstract semi - Abstract Artist based in The Hague - the Netherlands, My artworks are mainly focusing on expressing deep emotions, hidden feelings, and their effect on the human personality.
My paintings are renowned for their vibrant warm coloring and interesting textures, BA in the interior & products design (that's why you may find some 3D elements in my artworks) & construction management senior experience.
I love to create a transformation in the usage of the colors and techniques moving from dark tunes to more vibrant colors, it is like an ongoing process on an unconscious level, I believe that all of us are carrying our daily life stories which are related to a few specific emotions. The usage of the highest quality materials by trusted suppliers is my priority, taking care of all the small details as well.. to ensure that my clients are gonna be satisfied with their paintings for a long period of time.

if you want to learn more about my arts & philosophy please feel free to have a look at my artistic channels via Instagram - Facebook.