Artist Story

Our life we live on this planet we will only have one chance to live it once, no rewinds, no pauses, and no restart is available. therefore, it’s to our advantage to choose wisely in what way we live it, by doing the things we love which may strongly help up to be happier, can raise our self-esteem and improve the way we see ourselves, even though it is not always easy to find enough time to do what you truly passionate about, especially when we have to fight every day to make a living and some sort of income for us and our families. Doing what we love and make a living at the same time? turning our passion into something profitable can be a blessing and the best achievement that can happen, For me, the choice was to become an artist as this was my real passion since I was a little kid, why did I become an artist? Why did I become an artist? why arts, I have become an artist because I was passionate about colores since I was a little kid, and because of my mother’s support and encouragement, furthermore I am not a 9-5 type of person.

Become An Artist

The first reason to become an artist is loving colors for a long time,
I loved doing paintings and art since I just started in primary school, it started by drawing some animals; mostly birds, and more often tigers, wolves, and later on dinosaurs, the last topic I have done for a longer period than the other topics and had evolved alot for example by starting to pictures a battle between robotic dinosaurs and humans, ( child imagination has no limit ).


Secondly, what kept me going at that age was my mother’s support, she found out very early how passionate I was about art therefore she has pushed me further by securing my needs of colors and art supplies,
registering me in different art institute to take my skills to higher levels and helping to participate in many drawing competitions locally and internationally,

Together, with passion and the enormous amount of support I have received from my mom, I could win many prizes from participating in these art competitions, such as :

  • The golden prize in the 8th Kanagawa biennial world children's art exhibition 1995 in Japan, where I have joined the contest with an artwork of my beautiful city of jasmine ( Damascus )
  • The third place in the Unicef / world health organization competition 1998/1999, the topic was about the life of elderly people, and how to encourage them to obtain and live a healthy lifestyle.

All of the above helped me alot and pushed me further and gave me a clear view of what I want to become in the future, a few years later I could have the chance to join the fine arts academy to continue fulfilling the dream, but because of the foggy future in Syria as an artist I got specialized in interior design which is somehow is related by creating designs and artistic spaces using different materials and colors, and this is how it started my commercial career, to be honest, majoring in interior design was not a choice I loved to make, it is something that I had to do because as an artist it is hard to make a living in the Arabic region ( only if you get famous, very unique and highly wanted, this is how I found my self somehow stuck in my career with limited ability for change, everything seemed to be grey, where are my colors? Lack of motivation and creativity seeping from my blood, feeling paralyzed and depressed... Once the Covid pandemic commenced and many people had to stay homes, I remembered how I used to wake up, commute to my work, and carry out my daily tasks with little passion and almost zero motivation. I could barely move myself to get my clothes on and run to catch the train. There was no breath left. Didn’t we all act like robots?

Looking back, I have realized now that I wasn't aware of what I was doing. The moment I was really awake, I felt as if I have been given a second chance, and I should jump at it. I decided to get out of the tiring rat race and start my real journey in life. It opened my eyes, my heart, and my senses and brought back the moment that showed a true window of passion for me, years ago. when I was 9 years old. And my mom received the call that her son had won the first prize for the Kanagawa Children’s Biennial Art Competition (1995). This moment sowed the seeds of my unfolding passion for art, encouraging me to create and participate locally and globally with my artwork. I rearranged our basement and created space to make art and talk about this process online, started a new Instagram account, and dedicated my time to becoming an artist again. Living my life in touch with my inner mission.
However, doing the things you love and make a living from is not as easy as may seem, but if you had the ability to do so all your life can be changed for the better. My life has completely changed for the better with a decision I was struggling to make for few years, but with the help of the pandemic things got easier, life full of passion, motivation, and love, this is why I became an artist.

life full of passion, motivation, and love, this is why I became an artist.